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Our Services



Milan Church Restoration possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to restore a diverse variety of interior structures.  Our specialists will restore your Church or Temple unique interior, or develop an innovative design to completely transform the Sanctuary. 
Interior Restoration includes:

Restoring exterior portions of Churches, Temple's and Historical buildings involves an in depth understanding and use of structures, appropriate tools and materials.  With years of experience at Milan Church Restoration, we have proven to have such an understanding.  We utilize the knowledge gained at each restoration site, to further improve and extend the life of each Church.  Exterior restoration specialties include:

1.  Plaster Restoration and skim coating

     a. Water damage restoration 
     b. Decorative molding restoration

2.  Mold making and casting

     a. Matching existing plaster molding
     b. Custom capitals
     c. New moldings plaster, wood or plastic

3.  Interior painting

     a.  Painting with design and decorative painting
     b.  Faux marble and stone finish
     c.  Gold leafing and painting with gold colors
     d.  Wood graining
     e.  Waterproof painting

4.  Statue and stations of the cross

     a.  Restoring damaged statues and stations of the cross
     b.  Stripping and refinishing 
     c.  New statues and stations of the cross

5.  Restoring murals and create new murals on ceiling and walls

     a.  Cleaning existing murals
     b.  Applying protective coating to extend the life of painting
     c.  Repainting existing and custom making new murals 

6.  Pews restoration, refinishing and Upholstery

     a.  Pew restoration and repaires 
     b.  Pew stripping and refinishing 
     c.  Upholstered seat and backs
     d.  New loose cushions

7.  Stained Glass Restoration and New

     a.  Stained glass re-leading and restoration
     b.  Painting stained glass design and figure
     c.  New custom made stained glass windows

8.  New pews and chairs

     a.  Solid wood pews with new design or match existing
     b.  Wood chairs
     c.  Metal chairs with upholstry

9.  New floors

     a.  New granite, marble and ceramic floors
     b.  New commercial vinyl floors and luxury vinyl tiles
     c.  New hardwood floors
     d.  Custom made floor designs

10.  Church light refurbishing

     a.  Refinishing of existing metal to desired color or finish
     b.  Replacing existing old dangerous wire system with new 
     c.  New sockets and light bulbs
     d.  Energy efficient bulbs and led's 


1.  Window Frame Restoration & New Window Frames

     a.  Restore existing window frames using state of the art tools and materials
     b.  Custom make new window frames (match original or new design)
     c.  New windows are available, but not limited to Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Hard white Maple and Cypress.

2.  Door Restoration and new custom-made doors

     a.  Restore existing doors frames using state of the art tools and materials
     b.  Custom make new doors (match original or new design) 
     c.  New windows are available, but not limited to Pine, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Hard white Maple and Cypress.

3.  Facade restoration

     a.  Wood façade restoration
     b.  Brick and stone restoration and new
     c.  Waterproofing and water damaged restoration

4.  Steeple Restoration & New Steeple

     a.  Wood steeple restoration with state of the art materials
     b.  Custom make steeple, cross or entire towers with copper, stainless or aluminum
     c.  Fiber Glass steeples

5.  Exterior Painting

     a.  Casement System Painting (20 year warranty)
     b.  Waterproof painting
     c.  Exterior decorative painting
     d.  Steeple painting 

6. New roofs

     a.  Shingel roofs
     b.  Flat roof system - TPO, EPDM, modified bitumen system
     c.  Slate roofs restoration or new
     d.  Tile roof
     e.  Cooper roof system - standing seam, button seam and flat soldered seam

7. Sheet metal and gutters

     a.  New gutter systems - copper, stainless steel or aluminum
     b.  Custom made gutter systems to match existing
     c.  Down spouts and conducter heads
     d.  Custom copping, water tables and ledges